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Since 1995, RTG Films has provided customers with Premium Flexible Packaging Films at the most reasonable costs. From our AIB Certified facility, we stock various different master rolls / types of film in-house and off-site in order to quickly meet the needs of our customers. 


Quality Policy

RTG Films is committed to the highest level of quality in slitting/converting, sale, and support of our flexible packaging films.

Product quality, compliance to all applicable regulatory requirements, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance and focus.

We are determined to produce safe and legal flexible packaging films that in the end may be part of a packaging component for consumers.

Contact us for all of your OPP Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Lidding, Forming, VSP, Contract Slitting needs.


Our technology and expertise allow us to produce the best products you would expect.  Quality is maintained throughout our entire process starting from the selection of film vendors to product shipping from our facility.



We believe all customers should be supplied films that are fairly and competitively priced. 



We have an experienced and leading Customer Service Department that is here to assist you promptly. 


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Food Safety Certification

Polypropylene (OPP/BOPP) / Lidding / Forming / Vacuum Skin (VSP) / Polyethylene (PE) / PLA (Compostable) / Printed Film / Laminations / Contract Slitting

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